GBOT Database All the GBOT data are inserted into a specific Database built with the help of the SAADA freeware (an Astronomical Database Generator under gpl license and VO compatible).

These data are of three kinds:
  • Observations (Images & Parameters) (fits and Vo-Table files)
  • Reduction process data (Parameters & Results) (Vo-Table files)
  • Useful related Information (Calibration preview, O-C plots, ...) (jpf files)

These data are arranged into five main collections and relationships are built to linked the related data (for instance: to link a set of observations, with its astrometric results or with the calibration stars in the reference catalogs chosen). They are easily selected by users using SAADAWeb interface with mouse click or with SAADAQL (data-mining query langage) panel. The Data selected by Web users can be exported using 3 way :
  1. Using card icon and click on download cart button to exported them into a zip file on user computer
  2. Using card icon and click on delegate option (see details in part IV)
  3. Using WebSamp button (\u201dVO-Paris Data Centre\u2019s WebSampConnector toolkit.) to sent the data to VO tools as Aladin or Topcat."